Payment Options

How to Pay:
Mercy Healthcare Services works with a variety of payor sources to ensure that your homecare needs are covered. Home health payment options include:

Long-Term Care:
Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) can assist individuals who can no longer care for themselves. Many Maxim offices accept LTC insurance. Learn more about this type of insurance and how it can be used.

This program can help to pay for the home healthcare needs of Medicare-eligible patients who meet Medicare criteria. MHS office will work directly with referral sources to determine if a particular patient satisfies Medicare criteria.

MHS participates in state Medicaid programs. There are many different Medicaid programs available, including those that support the needs of individuals meeting financial eligibility criteria, as well as those designed to serve the needs of patients with special needs. Our office can work directly with your family and referral source to determine the various programs that might be available in your area.

Commercial Insurance/Managed Care/Third Party Payors:
 MHS  is constantly expanding our Managed Care Contracts, and has established policies and procedures to work effectively within managed care settings. This allows Maxim to provide continuous care for patients across the state of MD with all sources of payors.

Workers’ Compensation:
If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help pay for medically necessary in-home treatment and care of your injuries. Maxim works to ensure that you receive proper care in order to achieve the best possible outcomes and promote a safe return to work.

Private Pay:
MHS works with patients and their families to provide home healthcare services on a private pay or self-pay basis. Sometimes private pay becomes necessary for either skilled medical or non-medical care services that are not covered by insurances, third party payor source, or Medicare and Medicaid.

Veterans Aid:
The Veterans Aid and Attendance program, provided by the Veterans Administration, offers benefits for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance with daily living activities. Mercy Healthcare Services is able to work with patients and their families to verify eligibility of pension benefits from the Veterans Administration.

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